Could it be REAL???

The Pet Cremation Conspiracy Theory and the Hardest Lesson I Have Ever Learned ****NOTE**** With the author’s permission, I have posted here in it’s entirety a BLOG post she made several years ago, regarding her experience with pet cremation after losing her beloved furry friend.  It’s heartbreaking; however, it’s very real and very true!!  This is […]

News 2 I-Team Investigation

The following is a summary of an investigative report Channel 2 news I-Team Investigation completed on the pet cremation business in Charleston.  ***It is important to note that the reporter only spoke with two of the local cremation facilities. She did not get any input from the other larger facilities!!***     CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC […]

Pet Cremations…..What you Should Know!

Our topic of interest today is pets. More specifically pet cremations. We get asked so many questions about this everyday. The answers we give to these questions sometimes confuses people. So, we thought we would do a little information piece to clarify a few things! Do you know that there is a BIG difference in […]